Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Curse of Illegitimacy

Session 3 with Bob Larson

The Complete Guide to Curse Breaking

DWJD Institute - Module XV


Born of parents not married to each other; lack of marriage / cannon law marriage when the Child was conceived. That is when the curse falls under the curse of bastard, curse of illegitimacy. [In the past could not inherit property etc… now equal protection under the 14th Amendment.]

The demons attached /associated with the curse makes them to act out these behaviors:

Difficulties Experienced by Bastards

  1. Worship, prayer, and giving are a challenge. …opposition, loner…
  2. Reading the Bible is difficult. …no desire, lack of understanding for the word of God.
  3. Fellowship is uncomfortable. …not natural to be drawn to attend or friendships of faith.
  4. They consistently question their salvation. …insecurity one effect of the curse…

Breaking the Curse of Illegitimacy:

  1. Descendants of the direct bloodline can break the curse. …parents etc…
  2. Recipients can break the curse. …when person is of legal age
  3. A father must break the curse. …man is responsible for spiritual.
  4. The mother may also break the curse. …when there is refusal on spiritual responsibility from Father. Mother claims Christ as the head of the home. She speaks on behalf of the Child

Prayer to Break the Curse of Illegitimacy

I, ___________, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and renounce the Kingdom of Darkness and all the works of the Devil. I renounce all the sins of my ancestors, back to Adam and Eve, and everyone in between.

I especially renounce all sexual sins of my ancestors and, in particular, the sins of adultery, fornication, rape, and incest.

If any of my ancestors committed these sins, I declare their effect upon me null and void. If I have fathered any illegitimate child, and that child is not of legal consent in the county of their domicile, I speak for that child and declare the curse of illegitimacy upon them is broken by virtue of the power in the Blood of Christ and the authority in His name.

The curse of illegitimacy is broken and renounced unto the tenth generation, that is, in perpetuity. This declaration is binding upon all demonic forces which have hitherto exercised any influence because of this curse.

Every effect of this curse is broken including all hindrances to worship, prayer, giving, acts of charity, reading God’s Word, attendance at the House of God, and any inhibition regarding fellowship and Christian communion. I declare all the aforementioned are legal and binding on earth and in heaven.

I and any illegitimate offspring of mine are free from this curse, and henceforth, have every right to enter fully into a personal relationship with God and enjoy the full benefits of corporate worship including receiving the body and blood of our Lord Jesus through communion. The Courts of Heaven, the Regions of Hell, and the agreement of my Christian brothers and sisters are all witness to this declaration and agreement in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Situation is so serious, in America today… Africa-America 68%, Hispanic 40%, Whites 23% in the 1960’s it was 1.9%.

It would take a hundred and fifty years to return back to the 60’s.